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We love Paris in the rain and we don’t mind when it rains in California either. 

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The International Contemporary Art Fair is opening today at the Grand Palais in Paris. 4 days, 178 galleries, 2867 artists. Look for posts tagged with FIAC and get inspired! 

Champagne Records has a knack for uncovering new talent. Remember Tyler Touché? Well, their latest find is just as awesome. 

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Don’t let the Gaga-esque visual confuse you. With its clean lines and classic shapes, Alexander McQueen’s latest minimalistic collection would be a great addition to anybody’s wardrobe. 

Kitsuné Maison 14 is finally out! The nu disco and dream wave mosaic features brilliant works from newcomers and established names alike. Jerry Bouthier’s preview will give you a solid idea. 

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The LV Spring/Summer 2013 show, complete with escalators and cadmium lemon-white checkerboard floor was unforgettable. Just like Daniel Buren, whose work inspired the theme, the new look celebrates the geometry of straight lines. Here is more of Buren. 

Palais Royal

Tempogeist did an impressive job blending indie dance and electro funk in their latest release. The vocals are cheeky and pretentious, but hey, it’s the 80’s again. 

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Fabrice Hyber turning cosmetics into art at Palais de Tokyo in Paris. His new work called 1m3 de Beauté is exactly that: a cubic block of YSL’s iconic, fiery red Rouge Pur Couture n°1 lipstick. 

This past summer, we could not stop listening to Van She and their nu gaze bomb, Idea of Happiness. Now, Strange Talk have revived our summer memories with Cast Away. 

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Starting today, Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris is opening a fantastic exhibition called French Touch - Graphisme, Vidéo, Électro. The collection of flyers, vinyl covers and videos celebrates the visual identity espoused by the leading French House artists like Daft Punk, Cassius and Air, that stemmed from their rejection of the marketing trends that put undue emphasis on artist appearance.